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Does your business need Computer Repairs in Grafton?  Maxoid has experienced and professional onsite technicians which can get your business computer, server or laptop up and running again.


Time is money. A business doesn’t have the time to unplug a computer, pack it up and locate a computer store to fix it, often having to leave the computer at the store and getting it back days or weeks later.

A malfunctioning computer can be caused by either Software or Hardware, but do you know the difference? Luckily you don’t need to. This is where we can help.  Our experienced technicians are able to diagnose and tell the difference between faulty hardware or software and get your computer up and running again.


Some common problems which you may be experiencing with your computer include:


Slow Computer

A slow computer can be caused by a number of reasons. The major causes for a computer running slowly could be a faulty hard drive, virus or even just too many programs running in the background. We'll work out where the problem lies and have your computer running like new again.


Random Pop Ups

One sure way of knowing that your computer has been infected with Malware is your computer will keep on popping up advertisements without you doing anything. We can remove the malware and provide some helpful tips on how to avoid it happening again.


Internet Issues

If you're having problems connecting to the internet it could be caused by something on your computer, the modem or even the internet connection itself. If you've spoken to your internet provider and not having any luck we'll diagnose exactly where the problem is.


Strange Noises

When your computer starts making strange noises it's easy to get concerned because your computer can sound like it's almost ready to blow up! Whilst it's very unlikely that this will ever happen it could be a sign that an internal part is malfunctioning.


Doesn't Turn On

If your computer isn't turning on, try unplugging it from the wall first and then plug it back in to the socket first. If this doesn't work it's more than likely you've got a faulty part inside.



If you suspect that your computer may have a virus, don't panic. Most viruses aren't all the gloom and doom that many people try and make out they are. By no means should you ignore it however - call us and we'll get rid of that nasty for you.

How to get started


If you need your business computer fixed quickly, call us today and we’ll show you how Maxoid can help.


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