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Get your business moving with this key social media platform. Pinterest is a way for people to display things that they love. It could be an image, product, quote or even a recipe. You pin your items on Pinterest then others re-pin those items or click back to your website. Pinterest is showing rapid growth in the US and increasing growth in Australia. There are already a number of businesses targeting promotions and competitions that are showing impressive sales results.

Pinterest Australia Snapshot

  • At present there are around 650,000 active monthly users in Australia alone. Of these approx. 60% are female in the 25 to 45 year age group

Pinterest Marketing Opportunities

  •     Great visual for product imagery
  •     Visitor time on site is high
  •     Adding content is relatively quick & easy
  •     Board layout ensures all content stays alive
  •     Images can go viral - 80% of pins (posts) are re-pins
  •     Numerous direct links to your website content can result in significant referral traffic opportunities

Pinterest Marketing Challenges

  •     Information for business about analytics is limited
  •     Targeting Australian based followers is challenging
  •     Post streams can be cluttered
  •     Search ability is not as distinct as other social platforms

If you are thinking Pinterest looks like a good opportunity then ponder the idea that Pinterest is a relatively new platform for business which may benefit those with the initiative to jump in early.

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